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SDP 2023 Fall Concert Program

Video Channel Name

Video Channel Name

Sedona Dance Project

Evening Concert

May 13, 2023

6:30 House opens for seating. Enjoy beautiful music by Christina Knighten.                                        

7:00 Performance begins (To respect dancers, entry will only be permitted between performances)


1st Half

 "Out of the Shadows"

Choreographer: Danielle McNeal/Sedona Dance Project

Music/composer:  Heart Cry & Skeletons/ Drehz

 Performed by: Eohlya Azuris, Nathan Rey Amado, Sabina Malinalli, Keelan Mercer, Eliza Merrall


 "Black Widow"

Choreographer: Danielle McNeal/Sedona Dance Project

Music/Compser: Brotsjor/ Olafur Arnalds

 Performed by: Jessica Phillips


"Step Boom Bop"

 (Step’s Junk Funk, 2006)

Choreographer/Composer: Step Raptis

Performed by: Lisa R. Chow and Step Raptis



Choreographer: Danielle McNeal/Sedona Dance Project

Music/Composer: Existence: Life/Hafez Nazeri

Performed by: Sorelle Cunliffe, Keelan Mercer, Jessica Phillips



Choreographer / Composer: Damiyr Shuford

Performed by: Damiyr Shuford



*Intermission*(10 Minutes)

2nd Half


"Muse of Light"

Choreographer: Danielle McNeal/Sedona Dance Project

Music/Composer: Life Cycles/Astral Travel Sanctuary Lone Machice/Yotto                                                             

Performed by: Keveda Aud, Laura Eller, Anisa Joffe, Sabina Malinalli, Danielle McNeal

*Spoken word written and performed by Sabina Malinalli

Altar created by Sabina Malinalli



Choreographer: Jessica Phillips/ Sedona Dance Academy


Performed by: Sofia Wolf


"Let Her In"

Choreographer/Performer: Sorelle Cunliffe

Music/Composer: Big God/Florence + The Machine


"Thread That Binds Souls"

Choreographer: Danielle McNeal/Sedona Dance Project

Music/Composer: Dhalem/Emel, Ya Laure Hobouki/Rosemary Standley

Performed by: Varshana Davis, Theraysa Holiman, Maneesha McClure, Danielle McNeal

Students of Sedona Dance Academy: Anisa Joffe, Sofia Wolf, Evagelia Anastasiadis, Yianna Anastasiadis, Chloe Manley

*Movement inspired by Isadora Duncan


"DOROTEA 39" (2023)

Choreographer/Performer: Ignacio Jara

Music/Composer: A place by Nils Frahm / Path 5 by Grace Davidson & Max Richter

Nobody knows what goes on inside you. Your thoughts, your reflections, your puts us in different places and we make our decisions. The eternal impact of impacting us mutually and infinitely until we wake up. Gracias Dorothy. Gracias Frida.

"Dance with Me" (Afro Caribbean Finale)

Choreographer: Danielle McNeal/Sedona Dance Project

Music/Composer: Sila/Kareem Raihani

Performed by: Megan Berry, Cheye Bollmann, Theraysa Holiman, Danielle McNeal



So much gratitude to those who have believed in the project.

Board of Directors

Laura Eller (associate director)

Keveda Aud (associate director)

Marianne Langridge (Secretary)

Brandon Strabala (Treasurer)

Keelan Mercer (Board Member)

Sabina Malinalli (Board Member)

Rachel Grant (Advisory Board Member)


Thank you to our Sponsors! Without their support this performance and future performances would not be possible.

Village Yoga

Sun Moon Studio

Langston Family Foundation

Nicole Nez

Desert Dance Theatre (Fiscal Sponsor)

Damiyr Shuford (Heart and Soul)

Teresa Noni Jennings (2 Bleeding Hearts)

Tina Alle (Red Rose Thrift Store)

Stephen Henderson (The Art of Beauty Photography)

Winnie Muench (Sedona Ballet)

Camilla Ross (Sedona Arts Academy)


Alphabetical Order

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