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The Sedona Dance Project seeks to educate the community of the importance dance as art has on our culture by offering opportunities through  collaborative work with local dancers, musicians, drummers, make-up artist, costume designers, choreographers, photographers and videographers to enhance and highlight the art of dance and create an artistic experience to be enjoyed by the community. 


Photo by Lisa Garrette

Danielle McNeal visionary of Sedona Dance Project


The vision for the Sedona Dance Project is to use education to help the community gain an artistic appreciation of dance through collaborative performance experiences, choreography workshops, and dance workshops. Creating an opportunity for "dance as art" to be more accessible to the community and to celebrate authentic movement by showcasing dances created on the eccentric beings of the Sedona dance community who flow and dance with open hearts. The focus is to create a performance platform (live & video) that highlights the strength, allure and grace that lies within all movers ( with or without classical training).   Providing an opportunity for people of the community to participate in and learn how impactful dance can be when exhibited as  art.



The Sedona Dance Project was not created for profit. The desire is to create an opportunity to exchange services, providing an opportunity to give an offering to the community with our gifts and time. Proceeds from performances will be used for future expenses (costumes, make-up, performance venues, lighting, rehearsal rental, scholarships for dance training & workshops, advertisements, etc.)  Performances will be affordable so all can come to enjoy the art we create. 

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